Implant Restoration

While some people with missing teeth may believe that they can never achieve the smile that they desire, we at Tracy T. Windham DDS General Dentistry are here to disprove that notion. As your trusted Little Rock cosmetic dentist, we provide a number of different dental treatment options, including implant restoration, in order to give each and every one of our patients a beautiful smile. Through working with dentists that place dental implants, Dr. Windham can restore the function and aesthetics of a singular tooth or even an entire row of teeth by placing a porcelain crown on the implant.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are essentially used as a prosthesis in order to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is a small titanium post that’s inserted into the jawbone. This will replace the roots of your missing teeth. After the implant has been inserted, you’ll have a temporary crown placed on the implant. There will be a period of time where you’ll wait until the implant has fused with your jawbone. After this healing process is over, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent, porcelain crown will be attached, giving you the appearance of a natural and lifelike tooth.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • They look and work the exact same as your natural teeth.
  • You can eat whatever you want with dental implants.
  • Since dental implants are attached to the jawbone, they won’t grind away at nearby teeth, unlike bridges.
  • They’ll improve the appearance of your smile and likely even give you more self-confidence.
  • With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Our Little Rock, AR Dental Implant Restoration Options

At Tracy T Windham DDS General Dentistry, we provide a number of different implant restoration options that include:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Anterior replacement
  • Posterior replacement
  • Full upper replacement

While Dr. Tracy T Windham doesn’t place dental implants, he works together with other dental professionals who do. After the implant is placed, Dr. Windham will place a porcelain crown on the implant to restore your tooth. Dr. Windham will work with you to customize a crown that best matches the color and shape of your surrounding teeth.

Contact Your Little Rock Cosmetic Dentist

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