Six Month Smiles

s-smile3.jpgAs your trusted Little Rock cosmetic dentist, we at Tracy T. Windham DDS General Dentistry make it our goal to help each patient achieve the smile they’ve always desired. To accomplish this, we aim to provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to all our patients in or around Little Rock, AR. In addition to our many high-quality treatments, such as veneers and teeth whitening, we’re now proud to offer the latest in technology for helping a patient attain their brightest smile: Six Month Smiles®.

What Are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is the newest technological advancement when it comes to clear, ceramic braces. Not only are the brackets clear, but the wires are tooth-colored as well. These braces are barely noticeable, making them a perfect option for those who are worried about being seen in traditional metal braces.

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

The tooth-colored, nickel titanium wires provide the low force needed for Six Month Smiles to move your teeth. This orthodontic treatment focuses on moving the visible teeth when you smile and not your bite pattern. This innovative method will only take an average treatment time of about six months!

Contact Your Little Rock Cosmetic Dentist Today

If you would like to learn more about Six Month Smiles treatment from your Little Rock dentist, please contact us. One of our team members will be happy to assist you. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to visit our Little Rock office, we encourage you to fill out our online appointment request form or give us a call at (501) 664-6888. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you a straighter and healthier smile!